Abigail Lodevico
cake designer/pastry chef/owner
Abs of Cakes


Growing up, Abigail HATED when people called her “Abby” (never call her Abby), so her friends nicknamed her “Abs” instead.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architectural Design from Cal State Long Beach. She also studied at the International Culinary Center in New York City and received a Certificate in Cake Techniques and Design.

Abigail has been designing cakes since 2008. Duff Goldman and his crew from Ace of Cakes had been her inspiration for chasing this dream. So the name “Abs of Cakes” is a bit of an ode to him. Fast forward to present day…she now works for him part time at Duff’s Cakemix in Los Angeles.

She currently resides in Long Beach, CA but loves to travel and learn about other cultures. She enjoys creating recipes and flavor combinations that are inspired by her travels locally as well as abroad. She believes cakes should be one-half design and the other half flavor, but made with 100 percent love.

Her bio is a work in progress.



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