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Once Upon a Time Sugar Art Collaboration


Are you a fan of ABC’s Once Upon a Time? To be honest, I have not seen the show….that is until I was invited by Brittani Diehl from Layde Cakes to join in on a Sugar Art Collaboration last year. Brittani and I have never met, so I was flattered that she recognized my work and chose me to be part of this creative collective. How could I say “No”? This would be an amazing opportunity to not only expand my network of fellow cake/sugar artists, but also challenge myself and my creativity. Here is what the collaboration was about described in Brittani’s words:

Once upon a time… a group of cake and cookie artists from all across the realms came together to create magical works of art that are made entirely from sugar.

The purpose of this collaboration is to bring people together to represent the heroes and villains of the Once Upon A Time series and to show our sugar magic to the world.

Challenge accepted!

Next thing I had to do was binge watch about 4 seasons with about 20+ episodes each. I became a little obsessed. With about 2 seasons in, we were able to choose our characters/themes from the show. I already knew I wanted a villain, and I was lucky enough to get Maleficent. Each time her story was featured, I payed extra close attention and even screen shot some images (okay a LOT of images) that would potentially help in my design.

We had about a year to come up with something and submit our work via hi-def photos. We also had to keep this collaboration on the down low as to not spoil the magic. The grand reveal finally happened during the Season 6 Premiere on Sunday September 25. I love how this piece turned out and I am so proud to share it with you.

Before I share MY grand reveal, here are a few photos of the process…


My Inspiration: Maleficent may be considered a villain, but understanding her story, her actions may be warranted. She is a misunderstood shape-shifting dragon that spews fire, but all she really wants to do is protect her home and her dragon egg. Once we learn about her daughter Lily and how she was betrayed by the Charmings, we can sympathize with Maleficent. She’s just a mother that lost her child and so desperately wants her back. 

The cake shows Maleficent both in human and dragon form. The top tier is inspired by her human form with her dragon staff where her powers come from. The design comes from her iconic Maleficent dress and horned headpiece from OUAT. The bottom tier is her dragon form where her tail is protecting her egg. She’s on the defensive, no fire, just a mother protecting her own. The middle tier represents that transformation, with hints of purple haze as she shape shifts from human to dragon. There is also a pattern detail on the middle tier that is taken from a window pattern from Maleficent’s castle also known as the Forbidden Fortress, which has been invaded several times by various characters.

Now the magic…

A big shout out goes to my friend Scott Arpon of Scott Shot Photo for these amazing images of my cake. 

This was such a fun and different project for me….first of hopefully many cake collaborations. To view other amazing pieces inspired by Once Upon a Time, follow our Twitter handle @OUATSugarArt or our Facebook page: Once Upon A Time Sugar Art Collaboration.

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