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Martha’s Vineyard


Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Martha’s Vineyard to attend the wedding of my friends Kiwie and Lin. Not only was I a guest, but I also had the honor of doing their wedding cake. Being that I’m from California, and this would be a destination wedding to an island just off the coast of Massachusetts, a lot of planning and logistics had to be figured out prior to that weekend. This wedding cake racked up 3,104 miles to its final destination! I’m happy to share that it was a great success.

Here’s what the itinerary was like:

Tuesday before wedding –  Bake cake layers, make frosting, torte (fill and layer) cakes, mask each tier, and FREEZE.

Wednesday before wedding – wrap frozen cakes, box each tier (3 total), pack tools and extra frosting, pack boxes of frozen cakes in carry-on baggage, red-eye flight to New Jersey.

Thursday before wedding – arrive in New Jersey, stick cakes in Freezer, pick up rental car.

Friday before wedding – drive from NJ to Boston to Martha’s Vineyard via ferry, settle into AirBnb house, refrigerate the cakes, organize tools in kitchen, rehearsal dinner, collect extra flowers from centerpieces (babies breath), apply final coat of frosting on chilled cakes, and stack.

Wedding Day – gold leaf decor, apply babies breath, deliver cake to venue.

This cake was a special challenge and I would do it again in a heartbeat. All the planning made everything go smoothly. As far as this cake traveled, it could be one of the least stressful deliveries I’ve ever made. This opportunity was more than just another “job”…it took me across 6 different states, to places I’ve revisited as well as places I’ve experienced for the first time. It was an amazing weekend.

Congratulations to the happy couple….Mr. & Mrs. Bui. 

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  1. When people are eating cake on the dance floor and ask you the next day if there was any cake left over, you know that’s some “dam good cake!” Thanks AbsofCakes for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this cake for us!


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