Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello a Zombie

Do you love Hello Kitty? Do you love Zombies? Now picture this....a Zombie Hello cake form! Back in December, Stephanie stumbled across my blog and liked what she saw. She requested that I make a cake for her best friend Charlie who was turning 25. Apparently Charlie loooves Hello Kitty, but not just any Hello Kitty, a Zombie one in particular. I loved it! I've been a huuuuge HK and Sanrio fan since I can remember, so I have a lot of references to work with, but I never even knew Hello Kitty as a Zombie! This is one HK I HAD to research and Google. Then I realized.....a LOT of people love her in Zombie form! Here's the image that Stephanie sent to me:

As creepy as it may seem, HK is still cute as ever....I couldn't wait to work on this cake.  It always helps to have a master plan, and my sketches helped me smoothly execute my concept to the final product. 
Whether it's an animal, person, or beloved icon like Hello Kitty, I normally have a problem with sculpting a head/body out of cake, because I have an issue with picturing the cake cutting part...but since this HK was a Zombie, I actually found it fitting to cut into her head. I knew HK's head would carry most of the weight in this cake so I needed a strong stable body to hold it up....I figured that rice cereal would do the trick. As the cake was baking, I made rice cereal treat to mold  into her body. Kinda looked like the "Crab" Cake I made.
I tinted fondant in that Zombie green color. I let that rest as I worked on the cake, so the colors would come out to it's fullest vibrancy. 
Here comes the fun part...working on HK herself. I'll let the pics speak for themselves....
I decided to add some purple buttons to HK's outfit. Here's how I did it...
 Doesn't she look naked without her nose, whiskers, and bow???
I used spaghetti sticks that I colored with a Black Foodwriter for her whiskers. Then I made her big bow.....zombie-esque of course.
All that was left to do with this cake was to add the zombie touch. If there were any flaws on HK, I was okay with it and used it to my advantage. I used them as cuts and scrapes as any normal zombie would have. A Red Foodwriter pen helped make the bloody-looking mess.  In a way, I was happy Stephanie decided on a chocolate cake....I was able to use the extra cake crumbs as dirt to place around her body and tombstone.
I was very pleased with how my first Hello Kitty Cake turned out...she was my favorite cake to make to date :) Here's how she looked during the day...

I had a Hello Kitty ribbon that was perfect to decorate the cake board with.
HK's signature bow. The skull makes it zombie-esque.
Bird's Eye View
Left Profile View
Right Profile View
Closer look at Zombie Hello Kitty's scars and wounds
Here are a few pics that Stephanie sent to me from her own camera...looks like she made it in one piece.
Stephanie informed me that Charlie LOVED the much so that she's still in their fridge and she won't let anyone touch her :) They did however eat the tombstone cake for her birthday. I'd like to thank Stephanie again for this fun cake order and for driving all the way from Simi Valley to pick her up! 

The next week after this cake order, I got a request for another HK stay tuned for that blog post. 

~Abs of Cakes~

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